« Explains everything about organic gardening. A heck of a book! »
Alain Baraton - France Inter (National Radio)

Karel Schelfhout, Michiel Panhuysen

The Organic Grow Book - American English Edition

Gardening Strategies for Indoors & Outdoors

This practical handbook reveals new organic gardening techniques. It’s a compendium of secrets rediscovered and innovative tips.


Beneficial micro-organisms, bokashi or biodynamic compost, permaculture, vortex, power of the elements… The Organic Grow Book opens the doors to a full-scale (r)evolution where productivity goes hand in hand with quality.

Summer and winter, in soil or bioponic, learn to grow healthier and tastier plants — fruit, vegetables, flowers — while enhancing your own well-being and the planet’s.

With its broad array of unprecedented strategies and proven tips, this eco-responsible and highly humorous guide is a must for all mindful gardeners, whether beginners or experts.

Photos, 3D diagrams, microscopies, step-by-step graphs… over 570 original illustrations.

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Over 550 professional entries 



Karel Schelfhout has been a recognized figure in the world of horticulture for over thirty years. He played a prominent role in disseminating cultivation techniques first used in the Netherlands — and subsequently switched to organic growing.

Michiel Panhuysen, a journalist published in several languages, specializes in organic and urban gardening.



Préface :  Michka Seeliger-Chatelain
Illustrations :  Denis Pic Lelièvre



Le Monde.Fr

A very precious book.
Femme Actuelle Magazine

Healthier, tastier plants.
Ultreïa Review

A monumental and impressive manual… incorporating astute teaching skills and a sharp sense of humor.
20 Minutes (National French Newspaper)

Packed with precise information.
La Vie Magazine

This practical urban-inspired manual imagines the place of agriculture in the cities of the future.
Ushuaïa Tv

An indoor & outdoor organic gardening reference.
Fahrenheit 452 (Blog)

Marie-Hélène Fasquel & Gabriel Erhart

The Organic Grow Book is a most beautiful book with numerous pictures. It is highly practical. It is a must. In short, I highly recommend it!
Karel Schelfhout Michiel Panhuysen


e-ISBN 978-2-84594-259-2


600 pages
17x24 cm
570 color illustrations
ISSN 2118-7584
ISBN 978-2-84594-204-2
39 €


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