« This comic book knows how to translate with graphics a bible's principles. »
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Karel Schelfhout, Michiel Panhuysen, Denis Pic Lelièvre

Grow Organic in Cartoons

The bible of modern organic gardening in graphic format. Because a good illustration speaks volumes.


Welcome to a more ecologically balanced way of growing! With plenty of humour and lots of precise details, this book shows you how to create and maintain a well-designed, eco-responsible garden.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about compost, plant propagation and the little creatures and practices that contribute to the well-being of plant and planet alike – practices designed for growing delicious, healthy fruit and vegetables, as well as superb flowers.

Bokashi and biodynamic composting, permaculture, vortex, bioponics and a host of other terms and techniques appear in vivid, practical detail.

Based on the work of Karel the Gardener, Pic’s illustrations highlight the very essence of gardening: delight. First, the delight of enjoying the book! Then the delight of cultivating, watching things grow, harvesting and savouring. And finally, the delight of knowing that all these techniques help protect the planet.

A vast compendium of innovative methods and tried-and-trusted gardening advice, this entertaining guide is a must for any gardener who wishes to grow in good conscience.



Denis Lelièvre, aka ‘Pic’, is a French illustrator, sculptor, comic book author, and gardener. He started, in 1992, the series Not Quite Dead with Gilbert Shelton.
Grow Organic in Cartoons is freely adapted from The Organic Grow Book by Karel Schelfhout & Michiel Panhuysen.

Karel Schelfhout has been a prominent authority in the field of horticulture for over thirty years. After playing a major role in promoting high-tech gardening techniques developed in the Netherlands, Karel now champions growing organic.

Michiel Panhuysen, a journalist published in several languages, specializes in organic farming and urban gardening.



Co-auteurs :  Karel Schelfhout, Michiel Panhuysen
Préface :  Michka
Illustrations :  Denis Pic Lelièvre



France 5 (National TV)

France 5 (National TV)

This comic book is absolutely incredible… We can reinvent the garden with this comic strip.
Actua Comics

You’ll know absolutely everything there is to know about growing confidently and conscientiously.
Camille Muller

Growing organic is a grassroots movement that’s going to change the world.
Karel Schelfhout Michiel Panhuysen Denis Pic Lelièvre


e-ISBN 978-2-84594-343-8


128 colour pages
22x30 cm
ISSN 2678-2022
ISBN 978-2-84594-320-9
35 €


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